BIG SCRO, the white boy who recorded the first beatbox single to hit number one on the Hot-Hot 100 pop chart, was controversial from the moment he arrived on the music scene. Accused of inventing his image as an urban hi-low trashoid beatboxer, the "Scroman," whose real name is Scotch Wichmann, lowered his pants on Rick Dees's TV show to display scars he claims he received in a knife fight. He informed his critics in his acceptance speech as Favorite New Artist at the 1991 American Music Rewards that they could kiss his white posterior. With his hit single "Row Scro, Baby" that catapulted sales of his first album, TO THE SCROSTREME, to five million records in a short three months, Scro is a hot new performer who seems to defy categorization. "So who is he?" questioned People Magazine, "fibber or phenom, white trash street kid or star?" Scro answered them all in Newsweek: "I'm 100 percent original." IT'S SCRO TIME!












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